Mar 28, 2005
Changed Blogs

For those of you who are interested I have changed blogs. I am now bloging at . Damn, I wish I could move all of these entries over.

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Dec 22, 2003
Virul nightmare gets fragged...we hope

I deleted my music…gone to wherever good bits go when they die. It seems likely that a little virus was hiding in/on one of my MP3s (little bugger!). It was either that or it’s still hiding on winamp; every time I have opened winamp, my PC takes a nose dive into blue screen hell. All of which could be paranoia, of course, but, at the mo, I am not willing to take the risk of opening it. I shall just have to play music on my trusty CD player and DVD player.
Speeking of PCs…congrats Rainer on getting a new PC! I am most envious. And also most curious. Please post all of the new machines states here. I know it is a P4 2.6Ghz Northwood. You said that it has 256MB 400Mhz Ram. 40GB 7200Rpm HDD.
About VGA Card:

  • What is the make again?
  • Memory?
  • Clock speed?

Tell me everything.
On the Motherboard:

  • Make?
  • What speed AGP?
  • S-ATA slots?
  • USB 1.1 or 2.0?
  • How many USB?
  • Maximum Memory?

If I have left anything out, please fill in the blanks.
Shifting focus for a second--I, too, might be getting a PC in the near future. I didn’t want to bring this up for fear I might jinx it and get nothing at all. I have a lot of dashed hopes in my life, so bear my caution, if you please. I will say that I am hopeful it will happen and no more. I won’t deny, however, that I have thought about killer PCs throughout the year—an unfortunate byproduct of reading PCFormat magazine. Why, just yesterday I was planning all the cool things I was going to do to the case when I mod it. Yes, the case! Ahh! Sweet wet dreams filled with humming LED fans and UV reactive IDE cables. Yes! Oh, yes! A case window with a frosted glyph on…*groan*…on the side to represent my l33tn3ss. Oh, I dream, yes, of a modded see-through PSU and a *whimper* laser to replace the DVD/CDRW player’s LED. Ohhhrrrrmphh! Oh! Oh! OH! What a dream!
But seriously, I’m going for something with a P4 2.6Ghz chip, 512MB 400 Ram (if I can). The 40GB HDD 7200rpm vs the 5400rpm money wise is not all that different, so I would go for the 7200. Most of all I want a PC with a good, upgradeable motherboard. I would rather I have less of everything else and get a very good motherboard as I can then later get better g34r; but if I were to get a shitty motherboard, I would eventually have to replace it and probably all the cards etc with it. So MoBo first, then think about the rest. A VGA card is the next problem. For my work as a web designer, it would I need something to handle intense graphics…to a degree; I do not need a screaming fast VGA card for pure design. To be honest, I want to play games as well as design. There is nothing wrong with that, is there?

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Dec 20, 2003
Just a big BTW

I'm not being a baby, but I would just like to mention that I have a bruise the on the palm of my hand--not where I hit the punching bag. So, is that enough proof for you that I actually did sustain some internal damage?
I've been going to a board (only browsing so far) called Mystic Wicks and it has to be the best board on paganism I have seen yet. Forums to handle the spiritual, philosophical, technical. It also has a more chill out forum for all the computer people out there and one for a generel chat. I have left posting for a while, but if (when) I get back into it, this will definitely be the place.
((Narkath has left the building!))

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Dec 17, 2003
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

This week has been uneventful accept for yesterday—shrub and I went to the gym. I, the Tarzan I am, found the punching bag and, underestimating the weight, hit it with such a force that I damaged something inside my hand. As a result, I couldn’t lift any weights and so shrub cut his training session short. Of course, I didn’t hear the end of it, with a constant, “I can’t believe you can’t hit the bag,” and, “_I_ hit the bag,” and, “It hurt me as well.” *rolls fucking eyes* Please. I explained to you that had I known the weight of the bag I would have adjusted my punch’s trajectory, my stance and the force with which I hit the bag. I am no heavy weight boxer and so I use speed instead of power. In fact, my punch’s power comes from the speed itself. I have no meat to protect my hand against a forceful impact. And thus my moment of pain. Your punches, my friend, are, without doubt, far slower than mine. This, as well as the considerable meat on your bones, protects you from the bags impact. Fear not, however, for I will, as soon as my hand is well, be back at that same bag to teach it a lesson for hurting me so.
Today, I read Insomnia.
PS muthafucka! Remember it was I who blew out the candle with my punch.

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Dec 13, 2003
Christian pop/rock

Call me a strange puppy, but I have become rather fond of Christian rock/pop. The lyrics are often motivating/inspirational, yet they still manage to—when talking about the rock/metal genre specifically—pack a guitar whining punch. I think the first band to draw me into Christian rock was Creed. When this band arrived on the scene, most people didn’t bother listening to the lyrics and therefore didn’t know what genre Creed belonged to. When they finally found out, a lot of them stopped listening to the band--which, I have to mention, is idiotic, since Creed’s lyrics, as well as most Christian music lyrics out there, so vaguely resemble preaching, it’s kind of hard to tell that they belong to this rock subgenre. If the lyrics were clearer about their bible-inspired roots, I might pass it up, as I am not Christian; but it's not, so I will not.
Today’s ramble was inspired by a song I heard by Stacie Orrico called There’s Gotta be More to Life.
Also, I’d like to say that it’s nice to see religion on the up and up, no matter which religion it is.

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Dec 9, 2003
Tiring day

Nothing really to report, only that I went to play Unreal with shrub and I got my butt kicked by youngins. Cors, it wasn't entirely my fault, as the stages we were playing on were alein to me and shrub put everyone on invisible--that sucked.
My cousin came back to SA and she came over for a bit, but coudn't stay. Comeing over tomorrow.
Due to this hectic life of mine, i couldn't send any emials out. Sorry people.

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Dec 7, 2003
Die PC! DIE!...No… wait. I didn’t mean it

And just when I thought my PC could give me no more problems, it decides to bomb out on me, again and again. Why, oh why didn’t I invest in a playstation? The answers are quite obvious, but I shall not state them, now, due to the fact that I am beyond furious.
I finally managed to get online and look at rainer’s blog. w00t! Looking good, man.
I was browsing a message board when I came across this: . What a cool site to put up. I am no hax0r, but this is pure fun. I have to say, though, that I only managed to get through level 3 and now I’m stuck on 4. No matter; 4 will be conquered for I 4|\/| 133t, 4|\|d |\|0 0|\|3 c4|\| 5t0p |\/|3. or maybe not, but it still a cool to try. Tip: go view then source after you have clicked each enter button, then refresh and enter the password you found in the source code
I quote Archimedes: “Give me but one spot of firm ground to stand on, and I will move the Earth.”
Tomorrow is full moon so I may or may not be online.
Argh. My back. *rubs back*

Reading: Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock

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Dec 4, 2003
The interview

The interview went quite well, I would say. There were a few times when nerves had the better of me and I might have said the wrong thing; there were thing I could have explained better, like the open ended question about my interests. Lol The conversation somehow ended up on the occult and witchcraft, and I explained that I am a “witch in training” Ugh! Like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. I stumbled all over my words and probably gave off the wrong idea as to what being a witch means. I know what witchcraft means to me, but when asked to explain it I freeze. I naturally assume that the person I am talking to knows what it is, as the only people I talk to with regards to this subject are other witches and pagans. So Mr Dicks, if you are reading this, I will attempt to summarize. Witchcraft is, by its more modern definition, a religion of earth magick (real magick) and earth worship. It views divinity as a deity tree that splits from one genderless divine source into a god and goddess. These deities are further broken up into pantheons of gods and so forth. Wiccans(witches) also see the Earth and nature as a manifestation of the divine and respect it as such. There is some confusion in this area. The word witchcraft originates from word Wicca, but the newer practitioners are separating the magickal side of it from the religious. You will now find Wiccans online who do not do spell-work and witches who don’t worship the Lord (Male divine) and the Lady (Female divine). So these two terms are starting to have differences. Wicca is now the religion and Witchcraft is the earth-related magick work. This is the reason for calling myself a witch in training and not Wiccan…although I am also that.
For more info just Google Wicca, Witchcraft or go to Witch Vox
As for my skills on the web design department, check out my other therookery website at Not the best but better than my blog layout. No?To rap up, the interview went fine (not nearly as bad as I thought it would be) and he did give me some good tips (thanks). Still trying to figuire out how to get that new PC, though. ;)
PS Hate open-ended questions. lol

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Dec 3, 2003

Tomorrow is the day and I am so nervous.
I hate this. My do I have to go work anyway? Why doesn't someone just give me money to live on? I would feel no shame. I would feel no guilt. Why couldn't we know someone it the IT industry? That would've been less painful.

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Dec 2, 2003
Inadequacy chains

I am with fear: A constant reminder of my inadequacies; a constant stare from those watching related eyes…and from those that are not my kin. Performance expected in every way. I AM NOT PERFECT. Leave me be, let me die in pieces. Leave me to the winds of nature…to the winds…
Mother goddess and the elements here my plea:
Wind my brother, my friend, take me to high mountains where fear has no roots to hold, no ground to grow. Make me be strong for a face that will judge me, but bring me wealth.
If there must be roots, let only mine hold. Earth, leave me cracks to grow…and hold me tight.
Sun, I ask for your fire, to grow, to surge against this daunting task.
Water, keep me calm in rough seas.

A little prayer for my upcoming interview.

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